Monday, 5 May 2008

So much for that

So much for that bright idea. Yes, you may have noticed my Blog status updates kind of petered out. Those on Facebook will have noted my slowly, yet steadily, rising word count in my status though.

It's Sunday night (or really, really early on Monday morning depending on your point of view) and I have the following still to do:-

Re-write my dissertation introduction
Sort out my dissertation references and bibliography
Bind said dissertation
Write 1 x 500 words review
Write 1 x 1000 word peer-review
Write 1 x 2000 word self assessment.

As well as this any re-reading and editing of the dissertation and the rest of my creative writing portfolio will be counted as a bonus.

This leaves me a hefty work load to get through and tomorrow (Monday) the last day on which I can do most of it - the creative writing has to be handed in on Tuesday whilst the dissertation has until Wednesday, though to limit hair loss by alopecia I want it bound by Tuesday afternoon at the latest.

So, once more I push on, my final words and the finishing touches on my entire Undergraduate life.