Friday, 9 November 2007

Man of Broken Steel

Superman, the Man of Steel, the very epitome of a hero, a super hero. For all the garish colours of his costume and the more than slightly camp underpants outside the tights he is the very example of human strength and honour, all the more ironic for the fact he is in fact an alien on our planet.

There's something magical about Superman, I mean apart from the powers, he sings something to the heart. Someone once said that you could take a handful of symbols into the deepest darkest jungle and they'd be recognised: the Christian Cross, the McDonalds "M", the USA Flag and Superman's "S".

John Williams' score the original Superman films is an amazing piece of music and putting my costume on whilst the music filled my room, I felt like I could fly - a dangerous thing being on the third floor.

Fencer's don't have the best AU night record but this Wednesday we had a really great night and a reasonable turn out. I have to come up with a viable theme for next month now (suggestions on the back of a postcard). I have to report I was in severe pain the following morning.

Somewhere in the course of last week I took a tumble and sprained my wrist, gained a lump on my head, a sore knee and an aching side. Of all of those injuries my side is still hurting, one rib in particular and I can only assume that I have either broken it or at the very least fractured it. Not a lot you can do about a damaged rib but oh the pain of going from the man of steel one night to an old man who can't even sit up in bed the following morning.

Bloody thing still hurts, but we get by. Might have to cut down on the flying for now though...