Monday, 29 October 2007

You.... Wouldn't like me when I'm angry

Oh it makes me MAAAAD!

I'm still waiting for a parcel to emerge from the quagmire that is Liverpool's Royal Mail sorting office. Now, I'm a relatively patient person but this time I actually NEED the contents of the parcel.

Rather than being some Amazon order or something like that which is just for pleasure this package contains several personal documents and items of post forwarded onto me from home but crucially it also contains my young persons rail card which I need to get a discount on the many train journeys I have planned in the coming weeks.

Most urgent of these journeys is the away match at Manchester that I'll be taking part in. The AU (Athletic's Union) in Liverpool only reimburse travel to matches where you pay with a YP Railcard so unless I get it by Wednesday I could be funding the expedition out of my own pocket which is not something I will do without a great deal of moaning, whinging and general grumbling.

Rage..... Building..... Glyn..... Smash!

Sunday, 28 October 2007

A Hair Raising Encounter

October 27th

My worst fears were proved true when, at the sight of the moon, I had an uncontrolable urge to howl. Hair in excess of even my normal amounts sprouted all over my body. I can only be thankful that the urge to kill and infect others with my... condition... was sated by copious amounts of alcohol, although measures may have to be taken to ensure I am so lucky again. I cannot bear the thought of inflicting my painful curse on another human being....